Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art Partners

In our first and second grade classes, we have been playing an art game that my daughter sort of made up. I'm calling it "Art Partners." It is great. Basically two kids work together, each with their own paper. They decide on what to draw (or leave it undecided.) One person draws the first element, then the next person copies it onto her own paper. Then that second person adds a detail and the first partner copies it onto her paper. And so it goes, until they have created something quite wonderful.

We pushed all the chairs out of the way, so kids are working on the floor. And it just got so still and nice (and occasionally giggly) as the kids worked together to make just fabulous drawings.

The kids and I talked about how their brains have to actually work pretty hard to play this game. They have to compare and contrast, measure and count, focus, concentrate, and also be creative.

I think this also gets their minds in gear to understand diagrams and charts and all other kinds of visuals that are on the end of level tests that are always looming near, you know.


Snippety Gibbet said...

What a great idea. You should post some samples of what they came up with. I'd love to see the variety. jan

Alisa said...

I let the kids take home their work when they finished, but you can see some of what they were working on in these photos.