Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2nd Grade Around the World

The second graders in Utah learn all about maps, and continents and all that great stuff. So we're going to spend a month or two going around the world in art. We started in Italy this week and learned about Michelangelo and the ceiling of the Sistine (not SIXTEEN, I told the kids) chapel. Our lesson plan was an elementary art teacher standard. We just taped papers under our desks and drew. We drew pictures of people--bodies in motion, which is something we studied a lot when these kids were in first grade.

The kids drew for about 25 minutes and after the first 3 minutes, they were ready to be finished! It was a fun day after all and it was especially nice to crawl around on the floor and gain an appreciation for the hardwork that Michelangelo went through over four years as he painted the ceiling.

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Mrs. Skojec said...

What a great idea! I saw this a long time ago and couldn't remember where. I'm glad I found your blog again!