Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Grade Bodies in Motion

We have just completed a three week unit in first grade all about the body. It is pretty similar to what we did in first grade last year.

Week One: We had all the chairs and tables pushed up against the walls and we worked on the floor. Everyone had a clipboard, pencil, and plenty of scrap paper. We looked at our bodies and realized that normally when we draw people, they look like boards--straight and stiff with no bending. So we moved our bodies and figured out all the places and directions our bodies can bend. We talked a little about bones and joints as well. Then we took turns modeling in our craziest, bendiest poses as we drew short--30 seconds to a minute--gesture drawings. We especially loved it when the classroom teachers modeled for us.

Week Two: On this day we remember all the joints that we talked about last week. Then we created "Geometric Kids" using card stock shapes. Then we carefully repeated our kids in crayon rubbings.

Week Three: We finished the unit by making bodies in motion out of paper strips and glue. We looked at Kieth Harings artwork, then added "energy lines" to our pictures.

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