Monday, November 10, 2008

Here is the next phase of the figure drawing unit that the first grade is doing. After they drew the quick gesture drawings of figures in action, they created people from geometric shapes. They cut the shapes from oak tag and glued them together onto oak tag bases.  I asked them to create people in motion, not just straight line bodies. They looked at their gesture drawings for inspiration.

The next day we used ink and brayers to create prints of their little geometric men.  The kids loved using the ink, but it was a really messy process.

The next time we met, we looked at the work of Keith Haring.  The kids

 talked about the shapes and lines that his figures made. Then we discussed the little “energy” lines that he uses in his compositions.  The kids decided that he uses  them to show motion, feelings and sounds.

Then they used black paper strips and construction paper backgrounds to create little paper sculptures.  Again, they were required to show figures in motion.   They also were required to make a head and body out of shapes, then the limbs were to be lines.  They used thick craft glue for this project and sometimes used paperclips to hold their 

shapes together until the glue held.

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