Wednesday, August 8, 2007


My daughter and I have been experimenting with some techniques that I'd like to use with the second grade this year. Here are the results (with commentary from Zoë who is 5 years old.)

"This cat's name is Asia and she lives in Africa. She likes to cuddle with her owner and she loves to play with her toys."

"Alaska lives in Asia. She's a flying lion that's crazy. She flies up in the air and she flies to Africa. In Africa she finds dogs to chase and if she finds them, she eats them up."


Jeanne said...

Alisa this is great. Tell zoe I love her cat.

kirsten said...

wow! zoe made some great stuff. good luck!

Almostgreat said...

So if we get a cat while we are here, I guess we have to name it Asia, huh... It warms my heart to see that Zoë is thinking so much about Africa!!

Lolly Pants said...

I love the art as well. Beautiful kitty. Did you do the second one or did she? I also really like the yarn/stamp/block. Tell me more about it so I can do it with my two kiddos...if I ever get any time.

Miss you tons.

Deon said...

Hi Alisa!

This is wonderful! What a great way for parents and teachers to see what students are doing!

You are creating great art and communication. THANK YOU so much we love having you here at Iron Springs!