Thursday, February 19, 2009

Geometric Art

The 4th graders study geometry basics so we did a little abstract geometric art.

First we talked about some of the earliest geometric painters.  We discussed the idea of nonrepresentational art and whether or not art had to have meaning and symbolism.

Next I gave the kids little guides that directed them to draw certain kinds of lines, angles and circles.  The guide used terms that the kids had been studying like parallel, vertical, intersect, acute and radius.  It was really amazing to realize that these kids had been taught and tested on these concepts but until that point they had never actually created them. They had only identified them in the past. It posed new challenges for their brains.

Then of course they traced over all of their lines with glue, let them dry, then filled them in with colored chalk. I had the students limit themselves to only 5 colors, to make their work look cohesive.  I think they turned out great and it was a good mental challenge for the kids.

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